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Keylead is a Digital banking solution and a multi-signature workflow management tool for proxy customers based on Smart phone and biometric sensors. for small and medium-sized businesses.



Kariz is a banking channel management infrastructure in a service-oriented framework (made up micro services) Kariz is a banking channel management tool, through which the bank gains control and access to various services and resources, such as banking core services, payment switches, registration offices and more.



Gomanic is a tool for monitoring and notifying the bank about customers’ transactions and detecting unusual behavior by comparing a customer’s behavior with another customer and also his/her past behavior.



Kulon is the core banking authentication system using several methods such as dynamic password, OTP, Digital signature and being implemented according to TOTP, Open ID Connect and asymmetrical key technology standards, it replaces the physical token with customer’s smartphone.



HesabKetab is a Personal financial and budgeting management tool based on banking data, receiving the user’s transaction data from the bank, categorizing them automatically and learning from the customers’ behaviors. It provides users with income and expenditure analysis.



Pelk is a monitoring tool for banking services. besides monitoring the hardware infrastructure and network, Pelk can control the behavior, structure and internal data of programs. making it possible to integrate all required information including transactions information, system’s logs and errors in one place for analysis and reporting.